Scandalous And Crimal Deceipt

Every now and again, dubious people misuse the good reputation of the Diospi Suyana Hospital. Sometimes, quack doctors visit Quechua villages to take advantage of patients by pretending to be working for Diospi Suyana. For lots of money, they sell the villagers miracle cures which, supposedly, are super effective, even against cancer.

The other day, a doctor named William Vargas asked the district of Ocubamba municipality to donate a piece of land  since, allegedly, Diospi Suyana wanted to build a new small campus there.

These charlatans don’t have anything to do with Diospi Suyana and neither are they concerned about people’s well-being. They charge credulous mountain farmers up to 50 Soles per treatment. In comparison, Diospi Suyana charges four soles for a medical exam at the hospital.

We can press charges against unknown in the hope  to catch one or the other perpetrator.

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