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Radio Diospi Suyana

A Rotting Pole

Event chronology:

3:30 pm (Peruvian time): The hospital’s emergency generator turns on automatically.

4 pm: News spreads that a wooden pole, part of the public power line near the hospital, is broken. Three 3000 volt lines are hanging in the trees. 

As it turns out the electricity company "Electro Sur" cannot fix the problem until the following day. Oebele de Haan and his team spontaneously decide to head out on a special mission.

Six Diospi Suyana workers uncover the lines. Then, they excavate the rotten pole, which requires digging a hole of about 2 yards in depth. The power pole gets a solid base. And, after all, the public utilities company sends out a team to hang the electricity lines.

6:30 pm: At dusk, everyone goes home. It seems as if nothing happened.

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