Samuel Morse was Correct

While work continues under the supervision of Udo Klemenz on the construction of the Dental and Eye Clinic many other things are progressing in this respect as well.

1) The equipment donated by Henry Schein (Germany) has arrived in the warehouse in Weisbaden. The value of these items has far exceeded expectations.

2) “Durr Dental” will donate a new air compressor and extraction system for the clinic.

3) The Aesculap Company has promised to provide all the remaining missing pieces of equipment.

4) The Peruvian company “Josfel” will provide the lighting at a reduced price.

5) Dr Kaufmann, director of the Christian Dental Association in Germany is on the lookout for personnel to staff the clinic.

The first message that Samuel Morse send over his telegraph wires to Washington was “God has done this!”. Clearly we here at Diospi Suyana can now whole-heartedly repeat this message in regard to the work of the Dental Clinc!

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