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Radio Diospi Suyana

Rush of patients below

Extension of the archives above

The usual morning sight: as far as the eye can see a long queue of people has formed starting at the hospital’s rear entrance.  As a soon as the gates open everyone has to have a corona test, unless (s)he can prove that (s)he has been vaccinated or has recovered from having had Covid.  From Monday to Friday people in need flock to the hospital.  It is not surprising then that the hospital’s archives are bursting at the seams.

Today all patient documents from 2007-2010 will be moved to a new archive under the roof of the main building.  Only the written documentation of the last ten years will remain above the emergency treatment rooms.  More than 425,000 patients have visited us.  Mouth-to-mouth-propaganda of thankful patients and the many positive TV-reports in Peru have brought it about that yearly more and more to come to us seeking help.  A large poster at the hospital’s entrance make it clear who belongs to Diospi Suyana’s target group: the poor of the mountains.

As yet no one is allowed into the Amphitheatre to be tested for Corona.
Klaus-Peter Werner inspects the extension of the archives.