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Rarely did the Christmas star shine brighter than this year

Waiting for the vaccination

The sanctuary of Wiesbaden’s Christuskirche has been beautifully decorated.  Despite Corona a few faithful church members are sitting on their chairs and ask the same question as Father Christmas on stage: “Will the Christmas service take place this year?” Even in the darkest hours of the Second World War services were held.  During the First World War at a section of the front in France the fighting stopped and troops on both sides sang Christmas carols.

The festivities will probably take place in Peru.  The South American country laments officially 36,677 deaths (as of 14th December), the unofficial number is probably much higher.  As everywhere in the world people are waiting for the arrival of the vaccination.  And then?  After the Pandemic the economic debris will probably need clearing up.

December 2020 is the perfect time to reflect as to whether people need redemption or not.  The baby in the manger offers us eternal life after death and a fulfilled life beforehand.  With our sights firmly set on heaven we receive strength in the present to perform the necessary cleaning up.  Diospi Suyana also understands itself as one part of this rescue unit.  We will never be able to establish heaven on earth, but nevertheless God’s Kingdom can come – into our hearts and our families.  And this new start commences with a simple prayer: “Jesus Christ, I invite you to be Lord of my life!”

Children playing football in a suburb of Curahuasi.