Potatoes held towards the sky

Twenty-five years ago my wife, Tina, and I worked with young people in Wiesbaden, Germany. Sometimes there were 100 young people, students and employees. The program was always very interesting. One time I invited a fellow student to give a presentation. She was an atheist and wanted to explain her opinion to us. In her presentation she said: “I don’t believe in God, but when I am walking through a field and see the blue sky I feel like pulling the potatoes out of the ground, holding them towards the sky and calling out “Thank you God!”

We are experiencing so many big and small blessings from the Lord here at the hopital Diospi Suyana. We had five of them yesterday.

Without the Lord, we might be sitting at a beach drinking iced coffee. When you do not know where all of the good comes from, you are without direction. We are grateful to understand where the blessings have come from, and we say, “Thank you Lord!”

Therefore, let’s hold the potatoes towards the sky!

PS.: I wish I had the chance to tell the story of Diospi Suyana to our dear friend, Ruth, from the university of Mainz. We’ll see when our ways may cross next time.


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