Five pieces of good news are better than four …

1. Friday morning started with a visit to the company Cementos in Lima. The company placed 1400 bags of cement at our disposal for the completion of the circular drive. During a conversation with the boss of the company, Dr. John heard an encouraging sentence: “In the future we want to help Diospi Suyana with more cement!”

2. Thankfully, the company Neptunia covers transportation of the bags of cement to Curahuasi. Through this, Diospi Suyana saves 16,000 Soles (4,000 Euro). The budget for social projects was exhausted, but the conversation between the personnel director and Dr. John was really positive on Thursday afternoon.

3. The company Abbott from Germany sent us an email reading: “We want to donate 24 bottles of the anesthesia gas “Sevofluran”!” This saves Diospi Suyana approximately $4,000.

4. Thanks to the help of Ms Claudia Dräger (the Dräger group/company boss’ wife) the company wants to help with machines from Copenhagen/Denmark for our blood-gas analysis. All the details have to be discussed in the next days.

5. In the afternoon, Dr. John visited the boss of the window glass company Miyasatu. It was about an unpaid invoice of glass for our X-ray department. Carlos Miyasatu was very accommodating and forgave the sum of $2,000.

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