Pitstop in Aeropuerto de Lima

The neighbour behind the plastic window

Complying with international standards airport passengers sit on their chairs engrossed in their smartphones.  Spatially they are almost touching, but mentally they are miles away from each other.  Corona has accelerated this tendency into self-isolation.  Inevitably.  In Lima’s airport building the room-planers have separated the seats by means of plastic partition walls.  The existing space should be used most effectively, but at the same time should not provide the virus with any foothold.  In the box left of me is missionary doctor Martina John answering emails.  Only one more domestic flight and a three hour car-journey through the mountains and we will be back where we belong, in Curahuasi.

Our four suitcases are filled to the brim with spare parts and other various products for the hospital.  The diabetics in our clinic have no idea on what long-winding paths their medicines have been brought from one continent to the other.  On the day before our departure Amazon delivered 5 “Express” parcels containing various articles for our medical technicians.  It is nice being able to bring good news and hand over important items.

All staff working at the Hospital Diospi Suyana, at the Colegio Diospi Suyana and in the Media Centre transport the most important message that exists.  Through their practical deeds they say – often without words – that their faith in the Risen Jesus gives them the strength to conquer their own egoism.  – We are boarding in 20 minutes. /KDJ

Close together and yet separated. Lima Airport.
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