One Problem, Three Stones and Five Nations

Medical personnel from five different countries was involved in Mr. Y.’s surgery: Yanet Segovia from Peru is part of the intensive care team. Leo Hurtado, also from Peru, works in the OR. Dr. Ting Ting Oh and Dr. Jimmy Phoo from Singapore administered the anesthesia. Uli Beck from Germany led the team of OR nurses. Dr. David Brady from Austria and Dr. Doug Whittemore from the US performed the actual surgery. They removed three kidney stones from the ureter and calyceal system of the patient’s right kidney.

Mr. Y. is a member of Curahuasi’s upper class and has many connections throughout Peru. Nevertheless, he preferred to get surgery at our hospital. This says a lot about both the overall quality of service we provided as well as the reputation of our urologist Dr. Brady. We are thankful to God for the successful outcome of the surgery.

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