Don’t Get Upset

Einladung des Bundespraesidenten

The Invitation

Last night I sent my wife an email from Scotland asking her if she had a little story I could use for the Diospi Suyana website.  She sent me the following e-mail:

Dear Klaus, What I have for the website might take your breath away!  Just don’t get upset!  Today, 3-23-15 at 2:30 I received two envelopes from Olva Courier (Peruvian Express mail service) with the seal of the German eagle.  Curious, I opened and found to my great surprise, an invitation from our President, literally!

“The President of the Federal Republic of Germany and Mrs. Daniela Schadt petition Mr. Klaus-Dieter John and Mrs. Martina John to a reception on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 5:30 in the Residence of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Las Casuarinas, Surco, Lima.”

Its hard to believe that we are among those who are invited to such a special reception and then I get the invitation two days late… We have researched it and the invitation was sent on the 18th of March from Lima with Olva Courier, probably on the assumption that it would arrive within 24 hours to Curahuasi.  This was of course a mistaken assumption.  Often items don’t arrive in the highlands of Peru promptly, they should have known that… but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  Tomorrow I will call to apologize and explain our absence.  Enclosed is the photographed invitation with the golden German eagle…really nice.

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