Employees of the railway are causing the Post-Office a lot of work

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Gerhard Borsdorf a first class multiplier

Gerhard Borsdorf has already given the book “I have seen God” as a gift over fifty times.
This picture shows him putting the fiftieth book in the mail box somewhere in Schwalbach in Taunus, to be sent. He writes: “My last shipment was a thank-you to an anesthesiologist in Darmstadt, which had taken care of me and was very friendly during an operation.”

Borsdorf is not a dreamer, but a man, who stands firmly in the middle of life. He is working for the railway as an Inter-city transport- Disponent. Privately, he is committed, as a volunteer, to giving German lessons to refugees. In his church, he reads biographies in a literature group. He likes these life stories better than novels. For Borsdorf, the real life and real life experiences are what count to him. That is why he is a confident Christian. Because he has found the story of Diospi Suyana so interesting, he is keeping the German Post Office very busy.
Of course he has also already read the book “God has seen us”.

Ingrid Jope comments on the second volume in the latest edition of the magazine “Family”: “Curiously I am taking the follow- up of “I have seen God” into my hands. The adventure of the employees of the hospital Diospi Suyana in Peru take hold of me. At times it is the heart racing experiences on the borders of life, or the hair ruffling bureaucratic obstacles and often the overcoming of opposition.

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And finally the impressive medical assistance for the citizens of the small off the road villages, that otherwise have no access to medical treatment. The financing of the project is as suspenseful as a thriller. The doctor and author permanently describes coincidences, that can’t be accidents, Godly precision work in merging people and details, that make the name of the hospital noteworthy: “Diospi Suyana”- we trust in God. This faith enforcing story from the other end of the world invites every reader to entrust God with their life.

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