Saying goodbye to Manuela Franco Alva and Family Dressler

May God bless you on your future paths

With her many self-designed comic-posters gynaecologist Dr Miriam Boeker always brings smiles into bitter sweet situations.  The missionary fellowship thanked teacher Manuela Trinker and Family Dressler for all their hard work over the last three years in Curahuasi.  In the next few days they will be heading back to Austria and Germany respectively.  Dr Martina John described Dr. Susan Dressler as

the “sunshine of the operating theatres!”  Her husband, Daniel, worked as a landscape conservationist at Diospi Suyana and also took care of several logistical tasks.  The poster shows him as the remedy for every problem.

The teachers performed a funny sketch about their working together with Manuela Frannco Alva through which they expressed both their fondness and their esteem of her. The pupils will definitely miss her terribly and fondly remember the many trips they did with Manuela.

It won’t be long until they pack their suitcases and board the plane with Anton, Ludwig and Leo Dressler. How quickly the three years have flown by!  At every goodbye event we always come across this sentence.  When will we meet again?  Perhaps at Diospi Suyana’s first missionary celebration weekend in Wiesbaden from 6th-8th October!

Teacher Manuela Franco Alva in the red circle.
Daniel Dressler holds his poster.
Dr Susan Dressler, sunshine of the operating theatres.
Not even standing space was left in the common room of the Children’s House. Sandra Bacher was in charge of organising the afternoon. A cordial “Dankeschön!“
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