The rush of the 450

A medical outreach to Poltocsa

To cover the distance from Frankfurt to Hamburg and back in a day a speedy driver would need nine hours.  That is the amount of time that 40 Diospi Suyana staff travelled yesterday to reach the goal of their medical day mission: the village of Poltocsa, in the vicinity of which a Diospi Suyana antenna has been broadcasting our programmes for a couple of weeks now.

The mission was headed by an Englishman, a Bolivian and a German: Dr Daniel Mort, Dr. Carla and Dr Martina John respectively.  At 5 a.m., while it was still dark, six Diospi Suyana vehicles headed off from Curahuasi, while at the same time in Poltocsa patients started queuing outside the village school.

The drive took our team over two 4,000 m high passes and round 2,000 bends (at a guess).  The travellers had to fight travel-sickness and tiredness, but overall the positive atmosphere prevailed.

At 10 a.m. Pastor Santos started the medical day mission at Poltocsa with a short talk.  Within a couple of minutes it became obvious that our team would not be able to treat all the 450 Quechua patients waiting in the queue.  Our “Hospital Diospi Suyana for the day” consisted of four classrooms.  Doctors and nurses from our gynaecological, dental, general medicine and paediatric wards did their utmost treating young and old, children and the elderly, men and women – in a nutshell people in great need, who are standing socio-economically in the shadows of life.

As the sun was setting the exhausted but content Diospi Suyana team got back into their vehicles and left Poltocsa arriving safely at the Hospital just before midnight.  The medical day mission in Poltocsa was the most extensive ever in the history of Diospi Suyana.

Registering the patients.
Dentist Nikolaus von Abendroth finds even the smallest hole in a tooth with his magnifying glasses.
Taking blood pressure.
Missionary Doctor Ruben Ibarra from Paraguay.
The children’s programme.
Quechua girl from Poltocsa
Dr. Martina John examining a little boy
Diospi Suyana’s media team is part of the mission – that goes without saying.
From Poltocsa we can see the Diospi Suyana antenna.
The last photo just before the medical day mission team left Poltocsa – some had already left though.
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