Like a flowering thistle on a field

A passionate appeal to a presidential candidate

Dr John hopes to meet all Peruvian presidential candidates before the next election to tell them about Diospi Suyana’s vision.  Last Friday Dr Julio Guzmàn, who is also striving for the highest office in the state, invited him.

After the missionary doctor’s presentation the politician asked: “How can one replicated Diospi Suyana’s unbelievable success story?”

Dr John answered: “Diospi Suyana is not a question of money, but of faith.  You could pour millions into a hospital project and still would not be able to copy Diospi Suyana.  It is all down to the faith of the staff.  The members of our team want to serve God not with their words, but with their lives.  Without a change of hearts in those working there any hospital would be as corrupt, lethargic and bureaucratically overloaded as so many hospitals in Peru and elsewhere!”

Once again the missionary doctor mentioned that back in March the European Embassies had promised all 45 missionaries working at Diospi Suyana a safe evacuation back to Europe.  But all of them decided to stay in order to help save the Peruvian people’s lives in the current crisis.  “That is the attitude,” called Dr John to those sitting around him, “that characterises our voluntary helpers!”.

In the midst of dire surroundings like the current Corona-Pandemic the faith in Jesus Christ shines brighter than ever.  Like a flowering thistle on one of Curahuasi’s fields.

Julio Guzmann left next to the missionary doctor.
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