Joy of life – theory and practice

The joy of life of Christians is shown in the crisis

A week ago, Dr. John delivered the sermon on the topic of “joie de vivre” in the packed St. Nicolai Church in Lüneburg. The occasion was the opening event of the Alliance Week of Prayer.

Toward the end of his remarks, the missionary doctor said, “No life is easy, and the burden we must carry at times could sheerly crush us to the ground. And yet, Christians experience deep fulfillment and joy. This joy is supernatural. Paul describes joy in the letter to the Galatians as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. This is the joy God gives out, even in the dark valleys of our lives. We are not talking about an esoteric program that we have to painstakingly learn in 1000 steps. No, this joy is a gift from God. And this gift does indeed have a supernatural quality!”

War in Ukraine, stress on the highway, toothache and overtiredness. Riots in Peru with roads closed and 49 people killed so far. Fortunately, the joy of Christians does not depend on the changing situations.

The sermon ended with a personal experience. Dr. John reported on a young female attorney who suffered from a pancreatic tumor. … “Four days before she passed away, I called her one last time from Frankfurt Airport: “Nicole, how are you? Her answer will stay with me forever: “I’m fine. God is with me. He’s just brilliant!”

Jesus Christ promised us at that time (John 7:37): “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink! He who believes in me will experience what the Scriptures say: from within him will come forth life-giving water like a strong stream!” /KDJ

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