Is there anyone out there?

What if not?

A few days ago I heard a program report on Deutschlandfunk about magical thinking. Toward the end of the show, the editor said, meaningfully, “It’s actually terrible that the universe is so indifferent to us!”

And what she probably wanted to express with it was the absolute senselessness, hopelessness and lovelessness of the universe in her opinion. When the relative of a good acquaintance died, a voice from the family said, “We come from nothing and we go to nothing!”

I have never been able to understand atheists who carried this meaningless world view in front of them almost with a certain pride.

Whether in these immense expanses someone looks at us with loving eyes? This is exactly what Jesus Christ claimed when he said that there is a God who even loves us and wants to save us. He himself is the real solution to our human hopelessness. – Imagine for a moment that God is really there…with forgiveness, comfort, real life help, security and hope. All our deepest longings would be satisfied. The Bible even claims that God has rooted this sense of eternity in our hearts. Ohne IHN könnten wir gar keinen rechten Frieden finden. To our deepest needs, there would be no satisfaction.

Carolin George – Out of the church at 14. Confirmed at 42. – Fountain Publisher

Freelancer Carolin George has written articles for a whole range of newspapers and magazines. Since she had turned her back on the church “forever” under protest as a teenager, “THE ONE ABOVE” played absolutely no role in her life.

She found her way back to faith through mysterious ways. In her biography “And then God came” she describes this unexpected development.

Hier ein Auszug aus ihrem 23. Kapitel “Das Glück”: “Bist du glücklich? People used to ask me that. People I lived with, in one apartment, in one life. I could never answer “yes” to that… “Happy,” I would reply to those questions, “happy is such a big word. I would rather not use that…to be happy was, a number too big for me. I only now know why that was. Since God. Since I gradually realize how much love is around me; love that I can only now consciously perceive.

Her last sentence around the theme of “happiness” is, “Never had I imagined that one day I would be happy with God!” So much for Carolin George.

Life is not easy for anyone. We shiver from week to week and sometimes we don’t know what to do. Even many authors of the Psalms cried it out into the night thousands of years ago: “God, where are You. I’m finished!” Looking back, we see the wonderful providences of God. Looking ahead, we could become fearful and anxious. And in between, namely today, we cling to HIM with all our strength. /KDJ

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