In these minutes Diospi Suyana buys a new truck

It was a long march through the car dealerships of Cusco and Lima

Diospi Suyana cannot be accused of doing things over the knee. For several months we have been visiting workshops and negotiating prices. Yesterday, Roberto Quea of Wigo Motors heard the story of Diospi Suyana. “I have a good friend who belongs to a Catholic group that cares for the poor in Cusco,” he said. said the salesman and immediately let it be known that he has great sympathy for Diospi Suyana.

At 10:30 a.m. Peru time, Dr. John will sign the purchase agreement. Twigo Motor offers Diospi Suyana a rebate of $2,065. After all, the other car dealers were not ready for this step.

The Paula Foundation from Hamburg donated €20,000 ($21,000 USD) for the acquisition of the Laster. A wonderful message.

We thank God for the support from many sides and the successful conclusion of the negotiations.

Exactly this 4-ton truck belongs to Diospi Suyana in 20 minutes. The bodywork at the back is done by a company in Cusco. Pit Werner achieved an excellent price in this respect.
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