In a Quechua Village: Interesting and Frightening

It was a real Diospi Suyana Team. Dr Allen George, Lyndal Maxwell and the

missionary doctors Klaus and Martina John visited a Quechua Indian vilage 3000 m above sea level.

About 100 patients visited the clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Photo 1: Somebody’s clay house serves as examination room.

Photo 2: Dr Allen George and Lyndal Maxwell are ready to go. On the table

on the left, you can see various plastic containers with medicine.

Photo 3: Dr George talking to a patient. Stomach aches are an epidemic in

the highlands of Peru. They are often caused by gastritis.

Annotation: The hospital will have a room designated for performing

gastroscopies and colonoscopies.

Photo 4: A patient (45) her teeth an expression of her poverty

Annotation: The missionary hospital will have a big dental room. A whole

dental practice has already been donated and is sitting in storage waiting to be shipped.

Photo 5: A patient trying on various frames.

Annotation: Many Quechuas are either near- or far-sighted. Unfortunately,

only few of them have their own glasses. The missionary hospital will be equipped with an eye clinic, including an operating room for eye surgeries.

For lunch the volunteers were served guinea pigs.

Our conclusion at the end of the two days: Much remains to be done medically in the highlands of Peru. The missionary hospital Diospi Suyana will be able to successfully treat thousands of patients. This is why it is worthwhile to financially support the construction of the hospital.

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