Much More Than Steel and Stone –

Photo 1: A view: A window in an apartment for short-term staff members. In case you would like to join the hospital team as a nurse or doctor for a few weeks, this could be your room: A room with a view of the snow-covered mountains.

Photo 2: Shell of buildings: In the foreground, you can clearly see the 10 apartments for the volunteers from abroad. On the left, they are laying concrete. The kitchen and dining facility are still waiting for a roof. In the background, you can see the outpatient rooms.

Photo 3: The outdoor theater: Terrace #15 is in the works. The seven lowest terraces are already equipped with proper seats. Notice the lovely ambiance. The theater is located in the midst of nature. The inauguration is scheduled for April.

In Germany or the US, some people might spend $36,000 for the renovation of their garden terrace. Here, this amount allows to build a whole amphitheater that seats 3000 people. Concerts, movie screenings or worship services can be held here. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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