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Radio Diospi Suyana

At Hohenkarpfen Country House

In high society

Located near Tuttlingen Hohenkarpfen Country House is more than 300 years old and offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.  Without a doubt the adjective “idyllic” is a suitable description and perhaps that is why a Rotary Club meets at this historic hotel.  Two Rotarians planned to come to the evening entitled “Diospi Suyana”.  With ironed shirt and tie in place I enter the building.

Standing next to Ernst F. Sauerbruch, the grandson of the most famous German surgeon.

The guests begin to arrive.  The polite gentleman standing next to me introduces himself as Ernst Sauerbruch.  “Are you by any chance related to the famous surgeon?” I ask, wanting to satisfy my curiousity.  ”Yes, indeed, he was my grandfather!“  Mr Sauerbruch lives in the deepest south and has been supporting a missionary hospital in Zimbabwe for years.

The next 75 minutes just whizz by: life-, love- and faith-story, millions of dollars are raised and things happen that one simply cannot explain.  So many coincidences that the question simply has to be asked, whether God was involved in some way.

Club president Adrian Gibson finds appropriate words and within moments the audience is standing around the bistro tables talking excitedly.  An internist, whose wife is a teacher, comes up to me: “We have been following events at Diospi Suyana for years and are considering, whether we should go to Peru.”  I take a deep breath, nod my head and reply: “If it is God’s will, we will see each other in Curahuasi!” – 30 books find new owners and my faithful satnav guides me through the night through Baden Württemberg and Hesse back to Wiesbaden. /KDJ

“Smile please and you will be on our website before 2a.m. tomorrow morning!”  The audience is delighted by this announcement and smiles at the camera.