How children become avid readers

The library at the Diospi-Suyana-School is growing

One cannot underestimate the value of a library in a region without a developed reading culture.  In January Jonathan Rosenkranz and his wife Mandy made a complete inventory of the library: 5,221 books covering the areas of classics, lexicons and children’s books.  Many of the shelves are home to high-quality picture books and Christian literature.

Mandy and Jonathan Rosenkranz have catalogued every single book.

As soon as the pandemic permits pupils will be able to serve themselves from the library.  Verena Bigalke has compiled boxes containing interesting books and has positioned them at strategically favourable points around the school.  A brilliant idea.  Teacher Jonathan Rosenkranz is convinced that he can give several thousands of books a new home in the bookcases.  We believe that it will not take that long despite the fact that the school’s book-fund is at a low-ebb.

And should space really become an issue in the near future, calls for building engineer Udo Klemenz will get louder, since it was he who built the library’s building – possibly too small.  As a prophylactic measure we will look up his number in the yellow pages.

Engrossed in a book.
Space is running out fast.
With such a sight even a lout’s interest in reading is awakened.
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