God at Work Even at 10,00m of Altitude

On the 24th of July, Dr Dankfried Geister and his wife, Dorothea were traveling to Peru to visit Hospital Diospi Suyana. During their long flight they were seated beside a family from Uruguay who live and work in Lima.

With the Diospi Suyana film on hand, as well as their laptop, the Geisters decided to show the documentary to this family. The couple is very moved by the story and decide they would like to use their influence in Lima to help Diospi Suyana.

At 6pm on the 27th of August Dr John found himself sitting in a traffic jam, on his way to visit this family. With the traffic clearly not able to advance, Dr John decided to get out of the taxi and make his way on foot instead. By 8pm he finished giving his presentation and the discussion began. As it turns out, the man from the plane works as a Sales Manager for the Nestle Company. His Peruvian contacts reach as far as the CEO of “Canal 4” (on of Peru’s leading television stations). How this story will play out, we are yet to see but here at Diospi Suyana nothing surprises us any more because miracles are an integral part of our story.

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