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Radio Diospi Suyana

Fire on the hospital compound

All hands on the fire extinguishers

Jenny Frank personally attended the last fire drill.  She writes: for us SECURITY is written in block capitals!

If it does not rain for half a year the risk of fire increases.  So please the whole team must come together and get out the old fire extinguishers. Then we light a controlled fire.  An experienced instructor teaches us the basics: what conditions favour a fire? What quenches a fire? At which juncture must one call the fire brigade?

This and much more was demonstrated on the hospital compound.  No one had an excuse.  At the end of the exercise everyone was allowed to try using a fire extinguisher and not on the men were delighted by that!

Result: the fire was successfully put out.

Left: potential firemen and -women of Diospi Suyana’s voluntary fire brigade
This is the way to do it!
No smoke without fire.