Finally: It’s Back-To-School Time…

Summer vacation time, which runs from December through the beginning of March (in the Southern hemisphere) is over. Since Monday, the Peruvian children are back in school. Many boys and girls are saddened by this fact but the good news is that, with the beginning of school, the Diospi Suyana Kids Clubs start meeting again, too.

At yesterday’s meeting, Lyndal Maxwell and Claudia Nickel sang with the kids, social worker Carolin Klett introduced them to the meaning of "The Prodigal Son", while x-ray assistant Alexandra Kopp presented the theater version of the story.

The program ended with some arts and crafts activities and a yummy dessert. Most likely, all of the attendees will return next week…additional kids in tow. The Diospi Suyana staff, who run the Kids Club, all volunteer their time after their regular hospital shifts.

In twenty years, many kids will be thinking back of these happy hours at  the Kids Club with nostalgia and thankfulness. Photos by Dr. Heike Lindacher.

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