Party or no party, the extension of the hospital continues

Der dritte Balken wird betoniert slider

The roof needs to be completed before the rainy season starts

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, a lot of the past week was taken up preparing for the Diospi Suyana Radio and TV’s opening celebration.  In the building itself many of our team helped make the final touches: setting up everything on the fairground, setting up the stage, setting out 450 chairs, hanging up garlands, etc… Unfortunately the heavens opened at the start of the week and 12l/m² of rain surprised us, meaning that we also had to do a lot of cleaning and tidying up.

Still we could continue our building project and on the morning of the inauguration we could concrete the big ceiling joist of the third stage of construction.  We are continuing working on the stairwell – the second flight of stairs and the access landing have been encased.

In the second stage of construction we have started stripping the formwork of the reinforced-concrete floor.  Above us, the subcontractor has finished constructing the roof and has started covering it.  The outside plastering of the first stage of construction will be completed this week.

With best regards from Curahuasi and wishing you a good start to the new month, Udo

Der hergerichtete Festplatz vor der Veranstaltung
The fairground is ready for the big event.
Erneuter Wassereinbruch in der Notaufnahme
Another water inleakage in the emergency department
Die Dachkonstruktion im zweiten BA slider
The roof construction of the second stage of construction.
Verputzarbeiten an der Westfassade
Plastering work on the west façade.
Der obligatorische Blick auf die Baustelle von oben
The obligatory ”view from above!“
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