Perfect timing – Family Klatt arrives in Peru

The decision was taken after a long period of consideration

Every month millions of passengers pass through Lima’s airport buildings.  Many of them are tourists who want to experience for themselves the wonders of Machu Picchu, Cusco and Lake Titicaca.  Yesterday morning when Markus and Christiane Klatt, accompanied by their children Johannes and Emanuel, set foot in the airport sightseeing was not at the very top of their to-do list.  The electronics technician and the surgical-technical assistant are starting their three year stint at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  The timing is perfect, since medical technician Markus Rolli is heading back to Switzerland after six years in Curahuasi and in 2018 Diospi Suyana is planning on building a second operating-wing with three further operating theatres.

As a child Christiane loved reading jungle stories about missionary doctors.  Five years ago the couple read one of Diospi Suyana’s job adverts for the first time.  Things started to get serious in October 2016 when the couple heard Dr John speaking in Gomaringen’s Protestant Church.  It was rather chilly in the long nave, but the hearts of the Klatts started to glow.  “Should the hospital in Curahuasi be the task for the next stage of our lives?”  This thought kept going through their heads.

Shortly after Christmas, Markus headed to the Andes to find an answer to this question.  For two months now he and his wife had been contemplating a possible stint in Peru.  The decision was taken on 9th January: we are going!

When Christians face decisions they pray intensively, trying to find out where God wants to lead them next.  The years spent at Diospi Suyana are not conducive to self-realisation.  Rather these two want to lay themselves as tools into God’s hands.  This gives them and many other people lots of energy and motivation.

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