Heroic acts are rare these days, but…

…Jens Haßfeld was able to capture one with his camera

In February 2007 Phillips donated a brand-new ultrasound device worth USD25,000.  Even the most high-tech equipment starts to show signs of aging, wear and tear at some point.  The device started to show the first signs of weakening a couple of years ago.  Oebele de Haan built a new undercarriage to minimise the shocks and various loose connections ensured that Markus Rolli and Benjamin Azuero repeatedly took the device apart to mend it for the umpteenth time.  Ultrasound expert John Lentink even installed new software.  But both the problems and their frequency increased steadily until one day the device just did not start up.  The dream was over.

On Tuesday our technicians came up with a great idea.  They installed a new hard drive, which they had taken from an old computer.  Dr Haßfeld, who watched the whole procedure in a sceptical and doubting manner, emailed later: “I could not believe what I was seeing!”

We are all delight with the result.

The device works again.  At this point one just has to mention the names of the three sophisticated tinkers: Christian von Rensen (IT-specialist), Andre Bacher (mechatronics engineer) and Markus Rolli (allround-technician)

A flawless matter!

The inside of the ultrasound device.
The successful test after the hard drive had been replaced. Andre Bacher cannot help smiling; he probably did not expect a successful outcome himself.
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