Watched by a magician and a half-naked woman

Testimonio Puerto slider

Diospi Suyana purchases property in Puerto Maldonado

It is like Piccadilly Circus.  After several days of preparations via email and telephone, countless measurements on a computer and strategic considerations the big moment has now finally come: Sra. Margarita Malaga Pacaya and Dr Klaus John sign the sales contract.  During it all a TV on the wall is running at full volume.  If anyone needs a proof how urgently a Christian TV programme is needed, here you have it.  Left on the screen a magician leads the spectators to be believe in the wonderful life of money, sex and power, which a half-naked woman on the right hand side of the screen underlines.

In a couple of months, when the satellite connection is in place, Diospi Suyana will be able to reach hundreds of thousands with the best message around: God is real and he loves us.  Our life consists of more than money, sex and power.  We need to be at peace with God, have a fulfilled life and a perspective after death.

Fernseher bei Notar Puerto
Our competitors: a magician and a half-naked woman.
Grundstueck Puerto Maldonado
At night on the plot of land.  In a couple of weeks a 50m aerial tower will stand here.
Antennen in Puerto Maldonado
Two other antennae on nearby plots of land.
Doris - Udo - Klaus - Bauunternehmer
That evening the building contractor (second from the right) listens to the story of Diospi Suyana.  In the previous few days Doris Manco (left), head of our media centre, had dialed so many numbers on her phone that her fingers are sore.  Building engineer Udo Klemenz explains the foundation work.  Dr Klaus John (right) relaxes after having driven 11 hours.
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