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Markus Rolli’s secret recipe

Sitting at his desk Markus smiles at the camera.  My emotion does not quite match his.  Sometime this autumn the Swiss and his wife, Julianna, will return to Europe.  For the past six years they have been working for Diospi Suyana as technician and teacher respectively.  Their defining characteristics were and are: integrity, hard work, loyalty and a deep faith in God.

On the right you can see Oebele de Haan.  It was he who printed Markus’ welcome sign six years ago – how the time flies.

For three weeks in January and February 2003 I travelled through Peru and Bolivia with Markus Rolli.  Our agenda consisted of 36 meetings with ministers, dignitaries, directors and missionaries.  Our aim was to find the best location to build the missionary hospital Diospi Suyana.

I had actually thought I would do this tour by myself.  But at the end of 2002 a scrawny technician suddenly appeared at the “Hospital Vozandes del Oriente“ in Ecuador and rolled up his sleeves.  As soon as he heard of my travel plans he offered his assistance.  In some out of the way cheap Bolivian hotel I pensively said: “Markus, you are an amazing support and it is a miracle that you came on your own accord!”

“Well,” answered the tall fellow, “many years ago I gave my life to God totally and unconditionally.  Since I made that decision I have discovered again and again that I often appeared at exactly the right time at exactly the right place.  God leads my life.”  That conversation was 14 years ago, but I have never forgotten it.

The man who can mend everything will surely be a huge blessing to his homeland, as will his wife Julianna, who has such an empathetic voice.

And still I think quietly to myself, “How sad that their time here with us is nearly over!” /KDJ

Markus Rolli Willkommensschild 2011
This sign has been hanging on this wall for six years now.
Markus Rolli lacht
The man, who can do (almost) everything.
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