From the mountain peaks into the rain forest

0 Der hoechste Punkt unserer Reise nach Puerto Maldonado

This week’s building report was written after most people’s bedtime

My last report before I go on holiday comes from Puerto Maldonado in the Departamento Madre de Dios, roughly 500km northeast of Cusco, fairly close to the Bolivian border.

The city of Puerto Maldonado sits in the rainforest at 250m above sea-level, with temperatures of 30°C and a humidity of 75%.  Our team is (again!) looking for a suitable location for a 50m high aerial tower.  We spent eleven hours driving through hundreds of hairpin bends to cross the rain forests in the valleys and the mountain peaks (many of them over 4,500m high) of the South American Cordillera.

What happened on this journey will be reported at a different juncture.

The antenna-site in Andahuaylas is progressing nicely.  All foundations have been poured into place, have been backfilled and levelled off.  The enclosing wall is almost complete and if everything goes according to plan the tower itself will start to be built on Monday.

The building of orthopaedic workshop is making good progress: walls are being built and the first lintels have been concreted. I have nothing new to report regarding the hospital’s new storey.

I bid all readers of my building reports a fond farewell and look forward to “speaking to you again” on 21st April.  I wish you a happy and blessed Eastertide, Udo

Mit dem Auto nach Puerto Maldonado
How full was your fuel tank? How full is it now?
1 Die verfuellten Fundamente in Andahuaylas
The backfilled foundations in Andahuaylas.
2 Die Umfassungsmauer in ortsueblichen Klinkersteinen
The enclosing wall made from the customary clinker bricks.
4 Die ersten Fensterstuerze sind betoniert
The orthopaedic workshop: the first lintels have been concreted.
5 Es wird fleissig gemauert
Working hard laying the bricks.
6 Abenteuerliches Baumkoepfen unsere Hospitalgaertner
Our hospital gardener is having an adventurous time beheading the trees.
7 Die Alpacas machen es sich hinter der Zahnklinik bequem
Behind the dental clinic the alpacas are enjoying life.
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