A presentation in front of 4 decision makers

50 important minutes in the Ministry for Transport and Communications

It was more than just a polite gesture when the Deputy Communications Minister Dr. Carlos Valdez Velásquez (centre) listened to a presentation on the history of Diospi Suyana yesterday afternoon.  His advisor Dra. María Rodgríguez Cuba (left), the director general for the allocation of radio licences Luis Catellanos Sánchez (third from the right) and his co-ordinator Dra. Guadalupe Guerra (second from the right) were also present.  A round table followed the presentation at which all officials promised to support Dr John.  In its protracted dealings with the public authorities Diospi Suyana is dependent upon this positive fundamental attitude.  Such a high-profile meeting, which lasted almost an hour, was a godsend for our radio- and TV-work.

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