Many building sites with a huge potential

84 days until the big anniversary celebration

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, in a couple of weeks our 6th antenna tower will be erected in Echarati.  Our exploration team ( Doris Manco, Chris Welch and myself ) returned safely from its three day trip – it is a seven-hour car journey one way – and found a suitable piece of land.  Echarati, a tidy and clean small city, at an altitude of 1,000m, embedded from both sides by 2,000m high mountains, lies in the Urubambatal just before the rain forests start.  Its climate is almost tropical and citrus fruits, pineapples, bananas, monkey nut shrubs, cocoa, coffee, etc. grow here in abundance.

Building is progressing swiftly at our antenna tower in Puerto Maldonado and in a couple of days the construction of the 50m high tower should begin.  In Casabamba the crest of the hill has been removed, the formation level for the aerial unit has been prepared and the excavation work has started.  We have received the soil survey for our Puno site and work should start there on Monday.  That is all the news on the aerial unit front.

The roof of the Orthopaedic Workshop is being tiled and the interior plaster is being applied.  In the Hospital’s New Storey the floor tiles in the second stage of construction are now being laid.  In the third stage of construction the lightweight partition walls are being put in place and work has started on the suspended ceilings.  An entrance door made of glass now stands in the stairwell.

In the Amphitheatre work has also raced along.  The two lattice girders have been welded together.  A machine bends the tubes for the main supporting beam into the necessary radius.

Speak to you next week and God bless you on all your ways, Udo

Our team on the location of the sixth Diospi-Suyana-Antenna in Echarati.
Puerto Maldonado: the four foundation masts have been concreted and the enclosing wall is growing.
Work is progressing speedily in Puerto Maldonado.
Casabamba: Where you now see the excavator you will soon see an antenna tower.
Casabamba: The crest of the hill has been removed and the construction field has been leveled.
The tiling of the Orthopaedic Workshop’s roof is going pretty quickly.
In the intensive care unit the first partition walls have been planked on one side and one can see where the suspended ceiling will be.
In the Amphitheater a machine bends the tubes for the main supporting beam.
Oebele de Haan installs an additional asphalt sheeting above Diospi-Suyana-School‘s foyer.
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