Doing the final work on the eye clinic’s outside lift

The technicians from the company “Ascensoren y servicios” are active in the lift shaft

Because of the Corona-Pandemic the completion of the outside lift was postponed indefinitely.  But after seven months the technicians hailing from the city of Arequipa returned to Curahuasi.  If Sr. Jamer Tirado and Sr. Rene Conaza‘s forecasts are to be trusted, then life will be very comfortable for our eye clinic patients as of next week.  Then no one with a visual impairment will have to fall up the stairs: a simple pressing of a button will do the trick.

The whole project is a present from the German GAT cooperation.  A wonderful idea.

The technician sits on the lift in the shaft.  In the electronics cupboard one can see part of the complicated electronic installation.
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