Diospi Suyana Holding Its Breath

Many volunteers, to begin with Detlev Hofmann from the German company Stoss Medica, will register the many donations.

During the week, all equipment, which amounts to 400 cubic meters, will be boxed and send off to Hamburg, Germany.

Employees of the Schenck company will also volunteer their time. Schenck has not only paid all storage costs since June last year but will now also help with the packing.

DHL will transport everything to Hamburg – free of charge. The shipping company Hamburg Süd will bring the load to Lima – free of charge. Neptunia will transport the load 1000 km through the Andes to Curahuasi – free of charge.

Thanks to these companies, $50,000 can be saved. This is wonderful, and we will use every single cent saved for the actual hospital construction. We are still $63,000 short to pay the next bill from the construction company Constructec.

Besides the above mentioned four companies, eight state departments and agencies will be part of the endeavor. We hope and pray that everything goes well. Please pray with us! There are many things that could go wrong.

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