The hope for big and small patients with broken bones

Traumatologist Dr Tim Boeker

The patients call him Dr Tim.  He could be described as full of energy and wiry-looking.  A fitting description for many orthopaedic surgeons.  But the traumatologist who hails from Freiburg has more to offer: a winning smile and a heart in the right place.  Otherwise it would be hard to explain why Tim, his wife Miriam and their three young children decided to move to Curahuasi.  He will spend at least the next three years taking care of all those patients who bones are broken and are therefore in great pain.

A current case description shows how important his work at the missionary hospital is: a five-year old boy, who lives in Cusco, fell on his left arm while playing.  He ruptured his left arm with a Monteggia-Equivalent-injury.  The top part of the ulna is broken and the radial head has been fractured.  Dr Boeker inserted a flexible nail into the ulna, which was generously donated by the company Königsee-Implantate.

He writes on his website: “I only realised the importance for the population of such local and immediate treatment during my following consultation hours.  Within four days three children/youths came to me who had suffered the same injury, but had not been treated adequately.  All three of them had misalignments and limited mobility.”

The flexible nail is in the ulna. Now one can hardly see the fracture.
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