Reporting on four building projects

Thorough work all round

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, today was my first day back at work after my holidays and we have now started on the final stretch with renewed vigour.  Our goal is to have everything finished by 31st August, the day of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  On the whole I am very pleased with the progress made during my absence.

Most of the door panels have made been in the carpenter’s workshop.  All bathrooms in the first stage of construction have been tiled.  Only the grouting needs to be done in the bathrooms and toilets of the second stage of construction.

The window frames are in place in the stairwell, the safety glass still needs to be mounted.  Only a few detailed connections need to be installed in the ventilation ducts in the first and second stages of construction.  The orthopaedic workshop has made good progress too: the ceiling has been encased and is currently being reinforced.

As you may have read already the antenna in Andahuaylas has been erected; I am still waiting for progress-update for the site as a whole.

The first awning cloth of the Colegio’s sunscreening system has been put in place by the company MALLA FLORES from Arequipa.  The work is progressing nicely and makes a solid impression.

Cordial greetings from Curahuasi and wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

Floor-tiling in a patient bathroom.
The window frames are in place in the new stairwell.
I hope the architects are pleased.
Ventilation ducts and cable ladders in the second stage of construction.
Reinforcing the ceiling of the orthopaedic workshop.
Our antenna site in Curahuasi.
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