The great annual staff meeting

With the sound of Christmas

The weather had been rather stormy the past few evenings and until yesterday afternoon it was not clear whether rain, thunder and lightning would stop play.  Prior to the event many enthusiastic employees – coordinated by Marion Hofmann (above right) – had put in a whole load of love into the planning, organising and setting up of the contents, music and decorations.

Because of the Corona-Pandemic the traditional Staff Christmas Party could not take place in the church sanctuary, so everything was prepared for an outside-event.  The massive amphitheatre that can hold more than 4,000 people makes it easy to comply with the AHA-rules.  A slight breeze counteracted potential aerosol pollution.

Dr Thomas Tielmann informed the audience about the current developments on the Corona-front.  Dr Jens Haßfeld looked back on 2020 and thanked all departments for their tireless commitment despite the challenging circumstances of the past year.  He passed on cordial greetings from missionary doctors John who are currently still in Europe.

Thumbs up to the helpers in the kitchen.  On the menu was turkey, potato gratin and cabbage salad.  The delicious food was distributed in practical boxes due to the risk of Corona.

Jenny Frank and her band took care of the evening’s music.  As every year everyone received a going-home-bag – well-filled as always with foodstuffs and useful consumer goods.

The team’s hard work and enthusiasm paid off: the event was an absolute success.  Diospi Suyana thanks God for his protection over the last months.  Despite having round about 1,200 Corona-positive patients at the hospital all our staff have come through 2020 with good health.

Normally they use scalpels in the operating theatres:  Dr Thomas Tielmann (left) and Dr Jens Haßfeld (right) carve up the turkey with impressive-looking knives.
Dr Tielmann gave an overview of the current Corona-situation in the country.
A light breeze could be felt blowing through the amphitheatre.  Roughly 200 participants had gathered in the arena that can seat 4,500.
Music for the eye, for the ear and for the heart.
Deputy-director Dr Jens Haßfeld combines the ceremonial address with the 2020 year review.
Cream to die for.
Mother(s) Christmas distribute the present bags.
Wearing a mask and following the AHA-rules: we do not give the Corona Virus a chance!
Everyone received a mask bearing the Diospi Suyana emblem.
The large going-home-bags brought great joy and welcome support to many Curahuasi households.
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