The decision was taken in the autumn

Perhaps the boldest step in family Seiler’s life

What is needed for somebody to join a missionary project?  The financial constraints need to be taken into account as does the children’s education.  One’s own health also plays a crucial role.  But, if I am truly honest, does one only go out as a missionary if everything fits perfectly or if one has heard a calling?

Having read the book “I have seen God” Stefan and Tabea felt encouraged to take such a step.  They were crossing off the final points on their to-do list when Tabea was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes.  For many this diagnosis would have brought their missionary project crashing to the ground.  But family Seiler did not doubt and continued packing, believing that God had given them a clear mandate to go to Curahuasi.

From Spring 2012 to September 2017 Stefan Seiler was in charge of the missionary station’s administration, while Tabea worked as a speech-therapist.  Their daughter Olivia came as an only child and leaves with two younger brothers: Robin and Quentin.

A new task awaits family Seiler in Germany and we wish them a blessed start to the next phase of their lives.  Without a doubt God has richly blessed them during their time in Peru.  But their faith’s acid test was the diagnosis that came out of nowhere.

Using Christian terminology one would say, they were prepared to carry the cross of Christ and God helped them all the way.

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