A call in the night

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Now we know what we are fighting for

A visitor to Peru once remarked: “Even the smallest thing turns into a steeplechase in this country!” Dr. Dankfried Geister had no idea how true his words were.

Monday showed itself from its challenging side.  Long queues of patients in front of the Hospital and a waiting area that was bursting at the seams.  But neither the doctors nor the nurses have to ask themselves why they are doing this.  Every conversation and every hand movement has a deeper meaning.

In the area of our media work things are currently not running smoothly.  Importing the Up- and Down-Links from the USA is being delayed again and again.  We desperately need plots of land, aerial towers and antennae in several cities.  The power cables that should have been installed between Curahuasi and our aerial tower eight days ago are still nowhere to be seen; even though the electricity company had sworn to us they would get it done immediately.  Simply exhausting.

At 6 p.m. seven members of staff convene for an international prayer meeting.  For nearly nine years a constantly changing group of us meet together for prayer.

When Doris Manco, head of our Media Centre, prays my ears prick up – half an hour later I hear the whole story…

Sunday 26th February.  Darkness covers Curahuasi and silence reigns.  Doris’ mobile rings.  She starts up; the display tells her it is 4:20 a.m.  Has something bad happened, has someone died?  She presses the button to take the call.

“I am calling from Huanipaca”, says the speaker, a Quechua Indian, at the other end.  “Radio Diospi Suyana is the only frequency we can receive in our village.  Thank you ever so much for your programme!”  By this time Doris is wide awake and listens intensely to his words.  “Those of us living here are frequently disheartened; often we have neither electricity nor water.  But you encourage us!”

In our small prayer group Doris thanks God for this wake-up call in the middle of the night.  What an encouragement!  That makes it all worth it.  Who can say what a far-reaching impact our antennae will have in Peru?  How many inhabitants of the many states will listen to Diospi Suyana’s radio programme at 4 a.m., in which God fills the most important role? /KDJ

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