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Radio Diospi Suyana

Contrasting developments in Peru

Corona rules in the lowlands – in the mountains life “returns to back normal”

Either today or tomorrow Peru will officially register its 100,000th Corona-virus patient.  Some hospitals in Lima no longer accept elderly persons who have serious risk factors.  Peru’s official death statistics is totally inadequate and everyone knows it.  Dra Pilar Mazzetti, head of the national pandemic committee, said recently: “We will talk about the real number of those killed by Corona after the crisis.”  Antibody tests from many countries prove that the true number of infections is at least tenfold.  In Peru that would equate to 1 million people, 3% of the total population.

Everything is calm in the mountains.  Yesterday roughly 100 patients came to the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  They were suffering from acute or pressing symptoms.  The above picture shows Pastor Marco Acuña seen during the morning mediation in the waiting room.  Church services are still forbidden in Peru.

At the moment Oebele de Haan is installing an air-conditioning system which can also double as a heating in the operating theatre of the Eye Clinic.  Our logistics team are currently performing an exact stocktaking of all our equipment.  Despite low income in March and April we have been keep almost all our staff employed.  And what about tomorrow? No one knows.

The new air-conditioning system in the Eye Clinic.
A rustic lift in the rear stairwell.  One can open the small door in the handrail in order to push a patients’ stretcher onto the platform.  The safety case is still missing.