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Radio Diospi Suyana

Connected for 45 minutes over three continents

The Diospi-Suyana-Zoom-Meeting

At 1p.m. “Central Time USA” six members of Diospi Suyana held a tele-conference.  Dr Roger Smalligan, President of Diospi Suyana USA, had issued the invitation and five other members joined the conversation: Dr Klaus-Dieter John from Peru, the German association chairman Olaf Böttger and Lia Smith from Texas, Jim Miller from Tennessee and Steve Deters from Northern Michigan.

It goes without saying that the first point on the agenda was the current Corona-crisis that has caused similar problems in every country.  Diospi Suyana’s financial situation was touched on and the future personnel requirement discussed.  Prayer started and ended the meeting, since for these friends their communal faith in God was and is more important than any internet connection.

Picture caption: Dr Roger Smalligan called from his desk at the hospital.  From 1998-2003 he had worked with the missionary doctors John in Ecuador.