Construction of Outpatient Clinic Begins

Hi Klaus, hi Olaf,

Although it’s been raining more and more, we are making quite good progress on the construction site. We are laying bricks for the maintenance-building. The ground floor (Workshop) can now be used for storing cement and other materials. This week we received a lot of steel and cement.

The brickwork in the kitchen and cafeteria is almost finished.

Next week, we will pour concrete in the outpatient building, and then we can also start to lay bricks there.

In regards to the outdoor theater, like last week, we are making somewhat slower progress. But we are working on building the 14th row (of 18).

Today we started working on the seating in the first row.

That’s it for now. We wish you a relaxing weekend (we have a six-day work week here), Udo

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