“Cementos Lima” Donates 2600 Bags of Cement…

An unexpected surprise awaited Dr John yesterday afternoon when he visited the company “Cementos Lima” in the country´s capital. During a meeting with the Director of “Atocongo” (Cementos Lima´s charitable organization) there seemed there would be no positive outcome after the presentation. In fact the notes from the meeting read “Perhaps another time it would be possible, but for now the CEO is leaving on a trip”.

However, an hour later that same man, Armando Casis, came walking into the office. He listened to the powerpoint presentation given by the mission doctor and was touched by what he heard. His response was, “I could tell you that this is not my problem and that we are supporting all the projects we possibly can, but actually I have been deeply moved by your speech”. Then he spoke briefly to the General Manager of Cementos Lima and returned with the news. “They can give you all the cement you need for the paving of the hospital”!

The donation is valued at somewhere between $20-25,000. An amazing result for a meeting that looked like it wouldn´t even happen! We thank God for His undertaking in this matter.