Markus Wehrstedt Dreams of Helping Others

Many say that ministers of today live on the edge of burnout and are so overworked that they have almost no spare time at all. For Pastor Markus Wehrstedt from the Wittstock Protestant Free Church, just commiting to his responsibilities of his job is not enough. He also leads a non-profit organisation which he set up in 2005.

The “Encourager Foundation” is dedicated to supporting christian projects such as Diospi Suyana. On the foundation´s website one can read about Markus´ fulfillment of a dream in starting the organisation and how through this work he was able to bring to Christ his brother, Dr Michael Wehrstedt (Deputy Director of the foundation), as well as Angelika Bruenger.

In this world most people are living their lives to increase their own fortunes, or build a bigger house, or drive a nicer car. But Markus and his co-workers hold to the truth of Matthew 6:33 :

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Markus Wehrstedt has a long-standing friendship with the city coucil and connected with Dr Klaus John to invite him to present the work of Diospi Suyana in 2005.

Markus writes “In the past 3 years we have been able to financially support 74 small projects in 34 different organisations. In regard to our total donations, Diospi Suyana is the third most popularly supported project. Clearly the mission hospital in Curahuasi is in our hearts! The executive committee of the Encourager foundation wishes only the best success to the missionaries at the hospital, as well as God´s richest blessings on their work each day!”

We here at Diospi Suyana in return would like to offer our thanks to the Encourager Foundation for their support in our endeavours.

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