Casa del aguila visiting – a nice weekend for 35 home children

Two days of fun and hullabaloo

Casa del Aguila is a Christian non-governmental organization that runs a children’s home and a school in Limatambo. For many years there have been friendly relations between Diospi Suyana and our friends on the other side of the Rio Apurimac.

Last weekend, 35 children plus caregivers spent unforgettable hours at our mission’s children’s clubhouse. A trip to the local mountain and a pleasant cool down in the local swimming pool were part of the program. In Peru, there are countless Protestant and Catholic initiatives that care for children, widows and orphans. This is actually not surprising, because this is exactly what Jesus Christ asked his followers to do. /KDJ

The Diospi Suyana children’s home even has a small amphitheater.
Before peace returned here was still long geggelt.
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