House shooting

One dead and two injured

The 18-year-old patient lives with her family in the Apurimac River Valley, in an area where cocaine cultivation flourishes. Probably in this context, one night several men entered the house and shot wildly. Her father-in-law succumbed to his injuries, her husband survived with two gunshot wounds. A bullet shattered the young woman’s right humerus, near the elbow. The projectile then became lodged in the tissue.

After a plaster treatment, the function of the arm was reasonably restored. But the patient asked for the removal of the bullet, which could be easily palpated from the outside.

Traumatologist Dr. Fritz Meiswinkel removed the foreign body under local anesthesia. So far so good. But we hope that the patient will never be a victim of a night attack again. (Caption above: During the operation)

The fracture of the lower humerus is visible. Next to it, the ball lies in the soft tissue.
The right upper arm in the lateral X-ray image
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