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At the M3 Conference in Houston

A sentence that stuck

Since yesterday the M3-Conference 2020 is history.  More than 1,200 participants, mainly doctors and nurses, attended the conference’s events.  Roughly 80 organisations had set up stalls in the large foyer presenting their areas of activity.

A thank you to Dr Julian Swanson (picture above) who paid the fee for Diospi Suyana’s stall.  The US-American worked at the missionary hospital in Peru for two years.

On Saturday morning Dr John gave four presentations in a row.  Many memorable conversations took place, especially the one with the Berkeley couple: the two of them have spent the last 20 years living in the mountainous region of Northern Mexico and treat Indians from several tribes.  During the founding period of their hospital the US-Americans experienced God’s provision, guidance and blessing just like we did at Diospi Suyana.

In their humanitarian work the Berkeleys encounter the same problems that cause us in Peru sleepless nights: a seemingly insurmountable bureaucracy, indifferent and corrupt authorities, limited resources and not enough volunteers.

Dr Berkeley quoted a sentence and we can vouch for its veracity: “Christians believe in miracles. Missionaries depend on them!” (S)He who runs social projects in Latin America or Africa in the name of faith regularly faces high hurdles.  Only with God’s help and his intervention can they be surmounted. /KDJ

The audience consisted mainly of doctors and nurses interested in medical mission in the so-called 3rd World.
Dharmesh Tailor and his wife want to come to Peru and make a TV-documentary about Diospi Suyana for a US-American target audience.
20 years ago Dr Mike Berkeley and his wife Maci founded a missionary hospital in Northern Mexico.  They have dual-citizenship and continue to work among Indians.
The first…
…and the second versions of Diospi Suyana’s stall.