An event with 4 congressmen and many pastors

That was probably the highlight of the week

Monday morning at 9 am. Congresswoman Milagros Aguayo (above on stage) had invited vigorously and many enjoyed the breakfast buffet that the Advincula family had gratefully prepared. An audience of 80, including four congressmen and about 60 pastors, watched a presentation on Diospi Suyana’s vision. Dr. Klaus John and Doris Manco visibly made an effort to get those present excited about the upcoming Youth Festival.

The missionary doctor once again talks about Diospi Suyana.

It seems that soon several hundred young people will leave for Curahuasi from the capital. Two talks with a bus company in Lima yesterday were positive. As things stand now, participants of the festival will receive a 45% discount on the fare.

After presentations to the leaders of five church federations, interest is high. If everyone comes who is currently calling the contact office by phone, the amphitheater of Diospi Suyana will be full.

Good news: Container No. 80 has been released by customs and is on its way to Curahuasi. It includes the lighting equipment for the concerts, large tents for the exhibition area, trusses for the stage and benches for 500 people. We all stick to what we learned years ago in Latin class: Ora et labora! Pray and work.

A video runs about the planned youth festival
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