The Alpacas could not give two hoots about the construction work


Building project is progressing on time and in budget

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends, after everything concerning the opening ceremonies of the Media Centre has been tidied away, the construction workers are back in their daily routine.

The plastering work on the outside of the buildings built during the second stage of construction is currently being done.  Half of the reinforced-concrete floor has been struck so that work can continue on the inner non-supporting walls.  The second flight of stairs on the outside staircase and the access landing have been encased and reinforced so that it can be concreted tomorrow.

As part of the third stage of construction the last large crossbeam had been encased and reinforced.  In order to finish the concrete work only the middle longitudinal carrier beam and two outer ringwall openings are needed.  For structural engineering reasons the inner walls will be built as light stud partitions.  The roof of the third stage of construction covered and now the gutters, coverings, drainpipes… of the second and third stages need to be completed.

The foundation work for the emergency bridge built during the first stage of construction has been started.  The bridge itself will be built at a later stage out of steel.

That’s it for today.  With best regards from Curahuasi and wishing you a blessed weekend, Udo

Dismantling of the roof encasing.
The bench boards for the staircase are put into place.
Concreting the fourth crossbeam.
The fourth and the sixth crossbeams are being reinforced.
Installing the sarking felt was a good idea.
The excavation work for the abutments of the emergency bridge.
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