A well for the mission hospital

Yesterday morning Guido del Castillo (CEO and owner of the MDH mining company) made yet another astonishing offer. In February he will bring a small oil rig all the way from Lima to Curahuasi (a distance of more than 900km).

The reason? To drill down to find water on the mission hospital land. Previous geological analysis has indicated that water exists there not too far from the surface. However, we won’t know for sure until we see water actually coming from the well. We really hope they don’t find oil instead!

“Once again you are in luck.” Mr. Castillo said in a conversation with Dr John. “We have just the equipment you need!”

So in a way the luck comes with the name of “Guido del Castillo”, but really we don’t believe in luck, only the unfathomable care of God and His abundant blessing.

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